National Service Scheme of CUSAT, Kerala is a unit of excellence, packed with activities, brimming with energy and resonating with vibrancy. Through a slew of programmes and initiatives, the unit truly upheld the envisioned objectives and mission of National Service Scheme. The selfless service of NSS volunteers touched every aspects of societal life including Awareness Campaigns, Asset creation, Sustainability, Empowerment, Art & Culture, Service to Needy and other social services aimed at promoting welfare of society through improving the quality of life and enabling the members of the society to lead a life of dignity.

The CUSAT is comprised of 11 NSS units with around 1100 volunteers who actively extend their services to many parts of Kerala. The volunteers actively participated in various camps conducted widening their knowledge horizon and equipping them with some important skills. The camps and trainings they get help them to be a better personality to show compassion and will to help others. Programmes for hair donation to cancer patients, honouring organ donors, constructing houses for poor and programmes for the disabled were highlight of CUSAT NSS activities.

Volunteers also upheld the motto of conserving the environment through their cleaning and beautification activities. By planting trees, they set an example to influence others to protect the environment to make the world a better place to live in. The environment was rejuvenated with the effort of students. They engaged in various farming and garden creation activities with efficient follow-up and maintenance. NSS volunteers were keen to empower the downtrodden of society through various initiatives serving the poor and needy. The art and culture were also promoted through various activities.

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. Upholding the motto of ‘Not Me But You’, NSS volunteers of CUSAT as a team lay out themselves in the service of mankind. Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. Through their selfless service, CUSAT NSS highlights the message that serving others is the way in which we ourselves grow and develop. All these activities aim at the personality development of students.


Cochin University of Science and Technology

Dr. Remya Ramachandran
1 Dr. Dhannia .T  
2 Dr. Shiyas C.R Devananda S Lal
Shifas V A
3 Sri. Jabir K.V.T Anju C S
Sachin T P
4 Dr. Midhun .M Theertha P
Mehzooz Nizar
5 Dr. Aparna Lakshmanan .S, Manuprasad E
6 Dr. Harigovind P.C. M L Milka
Mahesh Krishna T
7 Sri. Vishnu S Kumar  
8 Dr. Aneesh K.N Aparna K
Aswin Sunilkumar
9 Dr. Tripti S Warrier Sukanya Lal V S
Albin Biju
10 Dr. Rajesh P Nair K V Riya
Rohit Ratheesh
11 Ms. Sukrutha A.K Aiswarya Santhosh
Abdul Hani T A

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