First awareness program by CUSAT in assosciation with KSEB.

Created by: MOOC CUSAT

Research shows that every year 2.5 million adults get an electric shock in their homes or garden, any of which could have caused injury or death.[1] In 2007, according to government statistics,[2] there were 19 deaths and 2,788 injuries caused by electric shocks. In addition, electricity is now the major cause of accidental domestic fires in UK homes with over 21,000 in 2007. In that same year there were 49 deaths and 3,477 injuries. The charity, through its activities and partnerships, aims to ensure that consumers’ needs are recognised and that issues of electrical safety are given the appropriate priority. Electrical equipment can cause a shock which can stop your heart and kill you. If an electrical current flows through a muscle it causes the muscle to contract and spasm. If that muscle is your heart muscle then the shock can disrupt the hearts rhythmic contractions and stop your heart. You will die within minutes if your heart is not restarted. Experiments carried out on students (with medical staff standing by just in case) have shown that a current of 50mA to 500 mA flowing through the heart is enough to stop your heart. The exact current depends on the individual and the on the frequency of the electrical supply - 55Hz supplies can kill you at slightly lower currents than DC supplies or high frequency supplies. For an adult standing on dry ground in shoes a voltage of about 100V AC between a hand and the floor is needed to kill. Anything which reduces the resistance to ground (or earth) will reduce the voltage needed to kill e.g. having bare feet, wet ground, animals with four feet on the ground.


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